Gas Ballooning

Americas Challenge - 2015

Air Apparent II is an experimental hydrogen gas balloon now being usedAC 2014 Air Apparent II for competitive flying.  This is a Padelt PHY-37 with very advanced features.  The basket is ultralight with fiber carbon floor and bed, the load ring is made of titanium, the balance of the gear may be considered ballast. 

This balloon was flown in the Americas Challenge 2013, where we placed 2nd overall.  In 2014, unfortunately we were headed toward some thunderstorms where we decided to land on the second morning. We placed 5th over all. In 2015, the entire event was cancelled by unsafe weather.  It is hoped to make some flights from Houston this year in this balloon and do well in the Americas Challenge.  If you are interested in participating in gas ballooning please let me know.  The BFA Gas Division is also encouraging local gas balloon enthusiast to join a local club where the sport will be exposed to anyone who is interested.  Please stay tuned.  Our next adventure will the the Americas Challenge launching from Albuquerque on the first weekend in October.   





Launch of the Gas Balloon - Calvin


The Hydrogen Gas Balloon, Calvin, departed the shop at approximately 7:50PM on 8/4/2010 for an overnight flight into the heart of Texas. This was the first Gas Balloon flight in the State of Texas since 1927.  Sincere thanks to all the Houston balloonists and friends who showed up to help and watch.

The flight was spectacular as most all gas flights are.  We slowly moved up toward College Station then as the sun came up, swung around to a more easterly direction landing between Bedias and Montgomery, TX.

Philip Bryant and Andy Cayton are flying Calvin in the 58th Coupe Aeronautiqe Gordon Bennett in Vichy, France with Opening Ceremony on August 29 and launch on August 30, 2014.  The flight terminated near Abruzzo, Italy after a beautiful track over the Mediterranian sea.