About Us

Philip Bryant is a commercial pilot for Single and Multi-Engine Land Airplanes.  Phil is also a commercial pilot in Hot Air Balloons and Gas Balloons.  Phil has over 5800 hours logged as PIC with 1875 hours in Hot Air Balloons, 240 hours in Gas balloons. He holds an Advanced Ground Instructor rating, also an instrument rating for airplanes and has been an ASMEL Instrument Instructor. Presently Phil is serving the ballooning community as an event organizer, flight instructor, corporate balloon pilot, former pilot examiner, and full service balloon repairman as well as a manufacturers representative of Lindstarnd Balloons. Phil has been flying balloons for 23 years and owns Ballooning Adventures of Texas, the Houston firm that has the FAA Part 141 Ground School Certificate capability used by the school.  Phil realized there was a need for high quality ground school instruction when student pilots continued to fail the oral exam portion of their check rides.  Ballooning Adventures of Texas provides a complete and comprehensive training program with Ground School and Pilot training.  Phil has served the ballooning community as President of the Balloon Federation of America for three consecutive terms, the Southwest Regional Director for six years and currently is the Chairperson for the BFA Gas Division.  Phil continues to support Junior Balloonists as the hope of the future for this sport.