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Guide to Obtaining FAA Publications

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Flight Service:
1-800-WXBRIEF (1-800-992-7433) for official weather briefings

Federal Aviation Regulations ( FAR's) Online

Pilot Safety Brochures

FAA and Government Resources
Advisory Circulars
Advisory Circulars are available from your local Flight standards District Office or by subscription.


You may also download Advisory Circulars by clicking here. 

BFH Balloon Flying Handbook
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual
AC 00-6 Aviation Weather
AC 00-45 Aviation Weather Services
AC 60-14 Aviation Instructors Handbook
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations
AC 61-21 Airplane Flying Handbook
AC 61-23 Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
New Pilots    Student Pilot Training and Limits
AC 91-71 Operation of Hot Air Balloons

NOTAMs are obtained when receiving Weather Briefings either by phone or by computer using DUATS.
You can also search the NOTAM database at the following location:
Get NOTAMS here

Safety Program Managers
Each FSDO (Flight Standards District Office) has a Safety Program Manager who has other safety publications.

See the links above to find your local SFDO



 National Transportation Safety Board:
Summaries from the NTSB aviation accident database are updated daily on the web. The database contains information from 1983 and later about civil aviation accidents within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters. Incidents investigated by the Safety Board are also contained in the database in the same form as accidents.

Generally, a preliminary report is available online within a few days of an accident. Factual information is added when available, and when the investigation is completed, the preliminary report is replaced with a final description of the accident and its probable cause.

Full narrative descriptions may not be not available for dates before 1993, cases under revision, or where NTSB did not have primary investigative responsibility.

Aviation Accident Database

 NTSB - An Independent Federal Agency