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logo4webWe represent Lindstrand Balloons USA, the makers of the worlds finest Hot Air Balloons.  Please call or email us for details, prices and renderings of your corporate logo.  Please visit the Lindstrand Balloons website, you can see that color is what we do best.  We can produce any balloon you can dream of.

Lindstrand Balloons USA

Ballooning Adventures of Texas, Inc.,
is a full-service balloon company in Houston, Texas

owned and operated by Phil Bryant.

Phil has been flying aircraft since 1963 and has over 5300 hours of pilot-in-command time.  In addition to his hot air balloon and Gas Balloon ratings, Phil holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with single and multi-engine instrument airplanes as well. The Balloon repair facility is near Fulshear, TX. The address is 10622 Hidden Lake Lane, Richmond, TX  77469.  Phone 713-299-5179

Due to other ballooning related business, Ballooning Adventures of Texas has suspended its paid passenger rides.  We encourage you to locate a local Houston Ride Operator to take a ride of a life time.  We know you will have a great time and be able to tell your friends about the wonderful world of balloon flight. 

If you require assistance in finding a local balloon ride operatior please call 713-299-5179 or e-mail Ballooning Adventures of Texas, Inc. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   I will not be able to quote pricing or scheduling for a passenger ride.

Champaign Flights




Your appointment for the balloon ride will be scheduled at a time and place that takes into account the weather and area over which you agree to fly. Safety is the primary consideration for any flight.

Please dress comfortably for a few hours of being outdoors. The balloon ride is very smooth. In the winter, dress only for temperature. Since the balloon travels with the wind, there is very little wind during the balloon ride so you should not be chilled. There is some heat from the balloon but not enough to make a difference in your dress.  As the balloon ascends, you normally will not feel any difference in temperature, for normal pleasure rides.  We normally do not go high enough to encounter colder air. Likewise, in the summer, short sleeves are common.  Again there is some heat from the balloon but not enough to make you uncomfortable during the ride. The ride will be very smooth and stable.

You will be standing in the basket for approximately one hour.  Wear comfortable shoes, preferably tennis shoes or walking shoes. For the women, please do not wear high heels.  If you have any physical impairment or health problems such as artificial limbs or back problems, please let us know.  Your safety and comfort is our greatest concern.

You may bring a camera or video with you in the balloon.  The balloon ride will be memorable experience, one you may want to capture. Balloons are large and colorful.  They make wonderful photo opportunities.  Be sure you save time to look at the scenery without a camera obstructing your view.

You will be required to read and sign a consent form.  Most balloon operators want you to understand the conditions of a balloon ride and feel it is important for you to be an informed passenger and understand the nature of ballooning as a sport.  It is important that you be knowledgeable about your experience and that you are informed of the inherent risk of the activities you chose.  Signing a consent form is typically a condition of riding in the balloon.  Also, please bring the flight certificates that you purchased or be prepared to pay for the ride at the conclusion of the morning.

Balloon ride operators typically provide a traditional Champagne celebration, a certificate, trading card and pin for your memorabilia.  If you do not care for ceremonial Champagne, some operators have soft drinks, orange juice, water and an assortment of other drinks as well.  Please let them know in advance so they may be prepared to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about the appointed ride, please call the pilot with whom you scheduled the flight.

We know your experience will be remembered forever.

Soft Landings,

Philip Bryant, Chief Pilot

Phil Bryant has been a flight instructor in fixed wing, single and multi-engine airplane since 1965 holding an instrument instructor rating since 1977, with over 5200 hours in General Aviation aircraft.  In 1992, Phil decided to devote his aviation skills to the sport of ballooning.  Ballooning Adventures of Texas was formed for the purpose of providing FAA part 141 training for balloonists and in 1996 was awarded the FAA certificate for training Private and Commercial balloon pilots.  The flight school was opened at that time, training 15 pilots in the first two years.  The excellence in training continues but at a somewhat reduced pace, due to the current economic pressure which is common to most air sports.

Currently, flight Instruction is offered on an individual basis using all of the class materials and experience used over the past 47 years.  Having been an FAA Pilot Examiner, I know the requirements necessary to prepare you to pass the practical test for your pilot certificate at both levels.  We can offer you instruction in your balloon or the school balloon, please call for pricing.

For more details on how Ballooning Adventures of Texas may assist you in your balloon pilot training, please call Phil Bryant at 713-299-5179


We represent Lindstrand Balloons USA, the makers of the worlds finest Hot Air Balloons. Lindstrand Balloons USA offers a complete selection of balloons, designs, colors, baskets, burners, and any special corporate logos for the most particular advertising program.  We specialize in helping you develop your corporate balloon program by designing a balloon that fits your requirements.  We will produce for your individual program complete color renderings, specifications, and pricing at no cost to you.  Please call or email us for details.  

Please visit the Lindstrand Balloons website, you can see that color is what we do best.  We can produce any balloon you can dream of.  You may go to the Lindstrand Balloonos USA website with the link below. 

Lindstrand Balloons USA