Champagne Flights



Your appointment for the balloon ride will be scheduled at a time and place that takes into account the weather and area over which you agree to fly. Safety is the primary consideration for any flight.

Please dress comfortably for a few hours of being outdoors. The balloon ride is very smooth. In the winter, dress only for temperature. Since the balloon travels with the wind, there is very little wind during the balloon ride so you should not be chilled. There is some heat from the balloon but not enough to make a difference in your dress.  As the balloon ascends, you normally will not feel any difference in temperature, for normal pleasure rides.  We normally do not go high enough to encounter colder air. Likewise, in the summer, short sleeves are common.  Again there is some heat from the balloon but not enough to make you uncomfortable during the ride. The ride will be very smooth and stable.

You will be standing in the basket for approximately one hour.  Wear comfortable shoes, preferably tennis shoes or walking shoes. For the women, please do not wear high heels.  If you have any physical impairment or health problems such as artificial limbs or back problems, please let us know.  Your safety and comfort is our greatest concern.

You may bring a camera or video with you in the balloon.  The balloon ride will be memorable experience, one you may want to capture. Balloons are large and colorful.  They make wonderful photo opportunities.  Be sure you save time to look at the scenery without a camera obstructing your view.

You will be required to read and sign a consent form.  Most balloon operators want you to understand the conditions of a balloon ride and feel it is important for you to be an informed passenger and understand the nature of ballooning as a sport.  It is important that you be knowledgeable about your experience and that you are informed of the inherent risk of the activities you chose.  Signing a consent form is typically a condition of riding in the balloon.  Also, please bring the flight certificates that you purchased or be prepared to pay for the ride at the conclusion of the morning.

Balloon ride operators typically provide a traditional Champagne celebration, a certificate, trading card and pin for your memorabilia.  If you do not care for ceremonial Champagne, some operators have soft drinks, orange juice, water and an assortment of other drinks as well.  Please let them know in advance so they may be prepared to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about the appointed ride, please call the pilot with whom you scheduled the flight.

We know your experience will be remembered forever.

Soft Landings,

Philip Bryant, Chief Pilot